I imagine if you are looking for couples therapy the love and shared spirit that brought you together may seem a distant memory, or perhaps even something you have never experienced together. The work of couples therapy is to try and discover what may be preventing this simple act of love.

These destructive and limiting difficulties between partners (whether same sex or opposite sex) often build up over years. It may be some life transition e.g. a bereavement or illness; loss of, or changes in work; having children/children leaving home or an affair that brings things to a head. Often things have to get pretty bad before we will do anything about it, perhaps through fear of being left on our own or possibly an aversion to conflict.

The intensity of these difficulties may have led you to believe that the relationship needs to end, whereas it is understanding them through the couples therapy that is the work that the relationship needs to do. It is this purpose that I am committed to help you find.

Rachel Behrens